1. Fabrics used in our dresses are made from a variety of sources. Satins and lining fabrics are polyester, chiffons and georgette fabrics are either polyester or silk. All of these fabrics are of high quality and are very delicate.

2. With proper love and care your dress will ensure that you look elegant for a number of special occasions. However if you treat it like a pair of old jeans it will not last very long at all.

3. Beaded dresses are always very delicate and you must take time and care when putting on and taking off the garment. Most dresses have ‘lace-up’ backs – some have a short zipper and one or two of our dresses have long zippers. Zippers are sewn ‘close-in’ to give a smooth appearance. It is important that the wearer takes care when using the zipper to ensure that the fabric or beads are not caught and damaged.

4. As many as two hundred beads and sequins may be stitched on using a single thread; therefore it is vital that if a thread does break the ends must be knotted to prevent too many beads and sequins from being lost. A small packet of matching beads is supplied with every beaded dress. Any damage to the beading should be repaired as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to always take a few safety pins with you, just in case you snag on something sharp.

5. Be aware that some jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings can snag the bead-work, and could easily break the stitching and damage the fabric.

6. NEVER machine wash or tumble dry this garment.

7. If it becomes necessary to clean the garment, we advise you take your dress to a reputable, specialist dry-cleaning company to have it spot cleaned. Do not allow the beading or sequins to be dry cleaned the chemicals in dry cleaning fluid will damage them.

8. When storing the dress it is very important that the weight of the dress is supported by the hanger loops sewn into the inner seams, if you have space then store the dress flat.

9. Beaded dresses should always be covered when being stored.

10. Prom dresses are NOT FIRE PROOF; do not allow them near ANY source of ignition, open fire or flame.

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It’s all about the Dress